Speaking exercises: dialogues (ejercicio de speaking para hablar en inglés: diálogos)

Diálogo 1: en el médico (At the doctor).


Conversation 1

Situation: John is not feeling well and visits the doctor.

John: May I come in, please?

Doctor: Of course. Hello, John. Tell me. What’s wrong?
John: I don’t feel very well and keep coughing all the time.
Doctor: How long have you been feeling like this?
John: I’m not sure. Four days, I think. It started the other day at night.
Doctor: Let me examine you. I will take a look at your throat.
John:  of course

Doctor: open your mouth. Ok. It doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with your throat.
Doctor: Ok. Did you do anything different from usual before you started to feel this way?
John: Yes, I went to play football with my friends and there were many palmtrees. I am allergic to those.
Doctor: that might be the reason why you feel this way. I am going to give some antihistamines.
John: Oh, thank you very much.
Doctor: You also need to drink lots of water to take care of your throat.
John: Ok, thank you very much, doctor.
Doctor: You’re welcome. If you don’t get better with the antihistamines, come see me again.
John: ok, thank you again.

enero 26, 2023

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